When you’re not used to exercising and then you start doing it consistently you’ll notice that you tend to be hungry more often. EAT! This is your body telling you that you’re working harder and it needs more nutrients to keep it going! This isn’t a challenge of how much self control you have when it comes to food. Listen to your body and EAT!

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100 days of keto challenge.




Nothing like a challenge to motivate you & motivate me to get back into doing the damn thing.

I managed 100 days last time, I’ve had two weeks off now & I’m not feeling my usual fabulous self, I need motivation, I need a…

Dya think this could be good to start keto? I’ve tried it before and got to about day 6 before I caved 🙈 thinking this could be a fresh start?!

“ I’m not struggling with my weight, I’m struggling with my mind. If I loved myself more my weight wouldn’t be a problem.



Just because you might not have solid abs or quad separation or a giant firm butt or whatever doesn’t mean you’re not working hard. so this post is for people who are busting their asses and their bodies don’t show it 👏


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